About Me

I am a Bulgarian-Canadian currently living in Victoria, BC, Canada. My interests include mathematics, fine art, literature. My hobbies include swimming, conjecturing mathematical sequences, and taking pictures.


Cryptography Research

Proved the existence of a second private key in the RSA encryption algorithm while taking a class in Cyber Security Systems.

Read PaperOct 2017

Graduate Studies

Started pursuing a graduate degree. Currently working on my Master of Engineering in Information Security and Telecommunications at the University of Victoria.

Sep 2017

Negotiated a contract with the Vancouver Island Health Authority on behalf of Ibrius Inc for the VACAY employee scheduling software

Read moreAugust 2016


Collaborated with several other engineers on an app that estimates how noisy a given location is based on data from Bing at ReactJS Hackathon in Seattle.

Go To AppSep 2013


Won Best Open Graph app at Facebook Developers World Hack Vancouver for FamCheck.
Famcheck grabs severe weather warning data and allows people within a social network in different time zones to alert each other if a violent natural event is likely to occur before it actually occurs using Twilio API.

Sep 2012

Ibrius POS

Built and released Ibrius Inc's Point of Sale System

Sep 2011

Ibrius Inc

Founded Ibrius Inc and helped build over 10 apps for various platforms used by over 50000 people worldwide

Aug 2009

Undergraduate Studies

Received my Bachelor of Science in Mathemathical Sciences degree, which encompasses Mathematics, Computing Science, and Statistics. Concentrated on Abstract Algebra and its applications in modern cryptography

Jul 2011